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Eight patients a week maimed by hospital blunders: Official NHS figures reveal shocking number of serious injuries caused by medical incompetence

  • In 2010-2011 eight patients a week were left brain-damaged, blind or missing a limb
  • £30million in compensation was paid out to those injured
  • Amputation payouts alone cost £18million

Eight patients a week are left brain-damaged, blind or missing a limb due to NHS blunders, official figures reveal.

In 2010-11, more than £30million compensation was paid out for such injuries, part of a record £1.3billion bill for mistakes by careless or incompetent medical staff.

There were 215 claims for brain damage, with almost £12million paid out.

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  1. paul jackman says:

    how can this be happening in the n.h.s im here and im still fighting i loved my job but now i just sit in the house all day been told to do nothing with just 75% of my heart working and been put on a high risk i have a lovely life NOT


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