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Lansley Was Warned Of Baby Deaths In 2010

The father of baby Joshua Titcombe, who died in Furness General Hospital, calls for a “forensic examination” of who knew what.

A former Health Secretary was warned about a cover up over baby deaths at a hospital in Cumbria three years ago.
Andrew Lansley received a letter from James Titcombe whose son Joshua died aged just nine days at Furness General Hospital.
In the letter, written on June 4, 2010, Mr Titcombe raises concerns about regulatory bodies, including the hospitals watchdog, the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

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One Response

  1. Carol-Ann Purkis says:

    What about the PHSO? Why is nobody asking them about their role in all of this – James Titcombe wrote to them too and they refused to investigate his compliant!!!!!!!!


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