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Have you taken your complaints to the Ombudsman? If so, please read the below to be interviewed by Radio 4

Dear Joanna,
I’m a journalist with Radio 4 and I’m currently working on a programme looking into the complaints system in the NHS. Part of the programme will be looking into the role of the Ombudsman and how effective they are in investigating individual complaints. I’m looking for people with experience of dealing with the Ombudsman and I was wondering whether you know anyone who we could talk to? I’m interested to know whether their complaints were taken on by the Ombudsman or not and what they thought about the service.

This programme is going out next Thursday and we were hoping to interview someone today or this weekend (Monday am is an option too). I appreciate it’s a short notice and I do apologise for it. I’d be grateful for your help.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Anna Meisel

BBC Radio Current Affairs
M: +44 7706154283
W: +44 2036140977

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2 Responses

  1. daniel says:

    Omitted to make it clear ……..
    The results sat in an in tray for 4 days .


  2. daniel says:

    I haven’t used this service because after 14 months of writing letters about my late mothers care , I finally had a meeting with the health trust .
    What I was told was shocking .
    My mother had blood tests taken on admission to establish what was wrong with her as the doctors were unsure.
    However because the doctor went home after his shift and didn’t tell anyone to look at the results ………no one did . They sat there , with newer test results placed on top . By the time they looked at the results they realised my mother was seriously ill. She collapsed days later and died shortly after due to toxic shock . What was wrong with her was an infection that for 4 days went unchecked and took over her body.
    Solicitors are dealing with it now.


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