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Let’s be positive, it’s a start, at long last…

The standards of care at the 14 hospital trusts with the worst death rates have been investigated.

The review led by NHS England medical director Sir Bruce Keogh looked at whether the figures were being caused by failings beyond those that have already been identified by regulators. Eleven of the trusts under investigation have been placed on special measures.

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  1. Derek Nash says:

    Where I live, I come under the Colchester Hospital Trust, one of the three Hospitals not to be placed on special measures.

    I personally have nothing but praise for a Colchester General Hospital, having over the past year been rushed to hospital following severe chest pains. The tests and care I received at this hospital I cannot praise enough, this is the only connection I have with the trust.

    The problem with Colchester General Hospital, is that it is too small for the catchment area it has to cover. Since it was built they have built housing estate after housing estate, covering 1,000’s of acres, housing 1,000’s more potential patients, all around the local vicinity of the hospital.

    I live 14 miles away and although we have our own hospital this mainly covers out patients, anybody taken ill who calls an ambulance, or needs to go to hospital is taken to Colchester General Hospital.

    It’s too small for the area it covers, but they still manage to do a great job.

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