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Alone in hospital, what does it take to give a reassuring touch

I accompanied my friend today at The Royal Free Hospital for her Cancer treatment in the Oncology department. Her appointment was for 12.00, but unfortunately because they were so short staffed, she did not receive her treatment until 3.00. Its not the nurses fault, but shortness of nurses due to holidays, sickness, and with no replacements, they cannot tear themselves in two. Consequently, one poor Malaysian elderly lady having a blood transfusion was on her own, confused, shouting, and in pain. The nurses were having to deal with other cancer patients who needed constant care, and could not give her the attention she deserved.
This lady should not have had to be on her own, I gave her water and some comfort. But what happened after I left?
How many more people on their own needing just a comforting touch? The management are to blame not organising the staff rota correctly. The same story will be all over the UK. How many other people on their own in hospital, no family, and no help, but what does it take for the staff to just give them a reassuring touch to help remove their fears, and put them at ease.

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