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Too polite to make a fuss – Elderly NHS patients suffer in silence

In the news – Tens of thousands of elderly patients are enduring appalling NHS care because they are too frightened – or too polite – to complain.
They suffer in silence fearing even worse treatment if they dare to raise criticism, England’s health watchdog Dame Julie Mellor warned.

My mother never wanted to make a fuss, the nurses thought she was the perfect patient, I was the one that shouted. But it’s just not the elderly. I know of so many who in their words “Did not want to make a fuss” Too many people lay in fear in hospital, frightened to speak their minds, that’s why we are all fighting. The strong get stronger, but the weak get weaker.
If we can all do a little bit in any way we can, that’s massive support. Strength In Numbers

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2 Responses

  1. Daniel says:

    My late Mother didnt want to make a fuss ,nor did she want me to make a fuss either. She was from that generation,grew up through the war,make do & mend,there are always people worse off than you,she would say.
    Pity i didnt make a fuss, Se went in because a small 50p piece size burn wasnt healing. The hospital done some tests but because it was a saturday the blood test results got put in the Doctors in tray,then more results from other patients got put on top of hers over the weekend. By the time the Doctor got through all the Test results & finally my mums at the bottom of the pile it was Wednesday evening!
    Too late to save her life because the serious blood infection that she had that was stopping the burn healing had taken over her body & was slowly shutting down her organs.
    Thankfully I managed to speak to her before she slipped into a coma & passed away 7 days later.


    • Joanna says:

      Shocking Daniel, Its true with the older generation, they don’t like to make a fuss, its how they were brought up. So sorry to read about your mother. I have also posted this on the Strength In Numbers page. Take care x


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