Strength in Numbers dedicated to my late mother Kay

WOW. My blog Strength in Numbers has now reached over 12,000 views thank you all so very much.

I started my blog after my mother’s story was shown in the Mail on Sunday 5th June 2011 after she passed away in hospital after being there for 6 months for a routine hip operation.

Since then my blog has grown into an information site with many helpful links, daily posts on news items, and also a section where people can write down their own feelings and stories on treatment in hospital.

Everything that I do is voluntary, my blog, my facebook page, and it’s because I want to bring an awareness to the problems and trauma’s people are facing within the NHS system now.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not against the NHS, I just want our health service back to the one we once had.
When I was a little girl in the 50’s, my father was back and forth to hospital because of ill health. Then the NHS was something to be proud of. Clean wards, Matrons keeping track of her staff, Doctors and nurses working side by side helping supporting patients and staff alike.

I thank the Doctors and Nurses that are now working so hard to bring back one to one care, and clean wards.
Yes it’s such a hard task as they are under so much pressure due to staff shortages, bad recruitment, government cuts etc.

Myself and a friend are in the process of working on a project, something which we feel will be so very helpful for everyone seeking help, and keeping a track on things when our health fails us.

I cannot say more at this moment in time, hmmm, top secret, but once things progress I will go live and share it with you, and would love your input.

Thank you to all, and those whose heartbreaking stories are mentioned in my book The Last Six Months.


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