Strength in Numbers dedicated to my late mother Kay

My nan’s body died… today – Dedicated to my nan, Eileen RIP – by John David Baker

My nan’s body died… today
We buried her shell
She was a lovely women, that for the last three years had lived a life of hell!
Surrounded, by people she did not know
Surrounded, by carring, but hard pressed staff, in a nursing home
The frail old lady that could not… talk
The frail old lady that could not… walk
The frail old lady in the… incontinent pads!
The frail old lady that could not… dance
The frail old lady, that sat and napped all day
The scared old lady that cried somedays
…and staff, let this story be told, when they had enought time on their hands, her hands would hold
but there was so few of you, and so many hands to hold
and while the care staff worked their fingers to the bone
My frail old nan would sit in a chair.. alone
A frail old lady, scared, in a room full of people
so very alone
But, I remember the days when this frail old lady was so young, free and seldom alone
and my nan cared for me
and she was, and still is the world to me
but, I lost you twice nan
I lost you twice
I lost the wonderful person that loved and guided me
And then the frighten, confused, frail old lady, that could hardly see
And to the staff that care for my nan, THANK YOU for you all did your best
but you know what? society needs to SEE
That we could do much better
its not hard to BE
So give us more kind staff, to hold people’s hands and then we will see, yes then we will see

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