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Dementia risk for middle-aged: 42,000 under the age of 65 have the disease including some in their 30s

Tens of thousands of middle-aged adults are developing dementia, a report will warn this week.
More than 42,000 Britons under the age of 65 are thought to have the illness – twice as many as was previously thought. This includes 2,000 who are in their forties.
Charities warn that many adults are coming to terms with the condition whilst still working, looking after children and paying off their mortgage.
They are also concerned that doctors are misdiagnosing many younger sufferers as they assume dementia mainly occurs in the elderly.
But a report by the Alzheimer’s Society to be published on Wednesday will warn that twice as many adults are developing dementia in mid-life than previously thought.
There are now 42,325 cases of early onset dementia in UK – which occurs before the age of 65 – previously there were only thought to be 17,000 cases.
This includes 2,010 in their 40s, 7,700 cases in their 50s, 32,000 in their 60s and 707 cases in their 30s.

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