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Baby Lizzie’s parents, Anne and Graeme Dixon – The longest wait – written by Heather Mills at Private Eye

A COUPLE’S 13-year battle for an inquiry into the blunders that led to the brain damage and subsequent death of their baby daughter has been dealt a blow after NHS England suddenly pulled the plug on a planned investigation.
Elizabeth Dixon, born prematurely in Frimley Park hospital in Surrey, suffered severe brain damage after nurses and doctors ignored, failed to properly record and did not treat dangerously high blood pressure over 15 days – instead giving her medication for a non-existent infection. By the time she was transferred to Great Ormond Street hospital in London, where her blood pressure was eventually reduced, it was too late to prevent brain damage.
Then, while being cared for at home 10 days before her first birthday, Elizabeth suffocated after a newly qualified agency nurse, with no experience of paediatric tracheostomy care, failed to keep her breathing tube clear.

Click on the Private Eye pdf written by Heather Mills to read more

Private Eye



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