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Cameron’s Lies Concerning the Scottish Referendum – With thanks for the video from Named and Shamed

Cameron’s lies to the general public, throughout his ‘no vote’ in the Scottish referendum. The NHS is above the law, doctors, surgeons, radiologists, nurses etc., make mistakes, and to cover for those mistakes, they deliberately ‘lose’ peoples’ medical records, which are supposedly ‘legal binding documents’ , they unreport evident damage on xrays, MRI scans etc., and lie, thereby falsifying records as to the true

Please click on the link to watch the video

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  1. Frank Robinson says:

    What happened to our son John misdiagnosed at Mid-Staffs and sent home to avoid breaching the four hour target = sentenced to death and died a short time later as if this was not enough there followed a cover up by the Trusts management and legal department on the 22 September 2014 over 8 years later after much campaigning , heart ache and tears where will be a second inquest. Successive governments have destroyed our once great NHS to the point of extinction.


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