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Ombudsman comments on Healthwatch England report

Julie Mellor, Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman said:

“We sit at the apex of the complaints system and investigate complaints that individuals have been treated unfairly, received poor service where people are not satisfied with the response to a complaint from the NHS in England.

“We support Healthwatch England’s recommendations for replacing the current fragmented support and advocacy system with a more easily accessible system. We believe there should be national standards for complaints advocacy and one brand so that people know where to turn to for support when making a complaint.



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  1. Paul Jackman says:

    WHAT happend to the dame have you lost it good i have ask about this and its in the phso ombudsman rules and they say that the ombudmsna as the last say we good can you tell me y MR SIMON BENNETT he was my ombudmsna i got my M,P MR D WATTS and he got the ombudsman to look at warrington hospital he did call on the day he went in to warrington hospital and it was about 4 r 5 days later he called me back to say he as found all my evdence and more and soon as i get the report give it to my solicitor he say he was going on hols the next day so i have to waite for it i got him 4 weeks still no report the next thing i get a letter of the phso so say they think the hospital did a good job what i have been put on high rixj for droping dead i live with my son he 14 now for 5 yr fighting this crime by govrenrment they have had me locked up my laptop as been hit 4 /5 time had to get it wiped 5 and BT MAN called to say your phone line had been hacked he did report it to the police they did tel me that but every time i called the phso they just say NO COMENT 5 yr on and had 4 heart and 4 sent put in my heart do you think this is justice in 1 way and its called RUFF JUSTICE for me and my little lad cody


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