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Report finds failure to address patient concerns

The extent of the NHS’ failure to address patient concerns has been revealed in a report released today. Healthwatch England says health professionals often refuse to say sorry, show no compassion and in some cases patients feel bullied if they complain about their care. Patients and care users describe the experience as a nightmare and a waste of time. We chat to Anna Bradley, chair of HealthWatch England and Erika Irwin, whose daughter Gemma died of cervical cancer last month


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  1. Paul Jackman says:

    I think that warrington hospital Chife/ex his disgusting i call about my case and she got on the phone to ask about my case all i got was bully boy tac tick she say we have had this in vestegation and i don’t want to here no more of this and put the phone down on me i have been locked up 3 time by the police and i still want justice for my kids future the police had me in for 2 day last christmas i went in to the intervue room the police mam a D.C.I. M HAYES be 4 we start if you feel ill at 1 point will you go out side so i look at her and say to die she look a away my solicitor looked stund by what he just here what she say and then she say it tuckme a long time to ask for this room in ST HELENS POIICE STATION they don’t want you here so it started and i ask her do you know this case of mine is 2nd degree MURDER she look down and say YES
    so after all that 3 weeks later she cum back to my house and say we want nothing to do with this case

    now i good friend as just told me that my name is going all around PARLIAMENT and in the e/mail i have open 1 hell of a tin of worms and been told watch out for the N.H.S COMPLAINTS & HANDLING



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