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Freedom to Speak up Review Seminar 22nd Oct

Fiona Bell attended the Freedom to Speak up Review Seminar yesterday held in Newcastle.

Here is her report. Well done Fiona in taking a stand to help so many…

Good Morning , as promised i’m reporting back on yesterdays meeting with Sir Robert Francis and the speak up review team. I cant tell you it was a perfect meeting or that miracles will happen over night . I can only tell you what stuck out , They were organised, interested and listening. There were people there from the GMC, NHS England, Monitor , Newcastle trust, NTW, Northumberland . The GMC got a tough time ,so did monitor (from me) NHS England were cringing a bit in parts and being seated next the the chap from Monitor – well that allowed me to discuss the new “Fit and proper person rule for CEO’s to come into effect 21st November. What struck me was the young man from the review team , He said straight away Hello Fiona (i didnt know him but he knew me) I read your submission , we all have and for a moment that knocked me sideways . The reassurance I got that I can pass on to others is that every single submission is read . They have got the message loud and clear from our NHS whistle blowers, as to what the end result is i don’t honestly know yet , I asked about families of the bereaved , Sir Robert is aware , very aware that Mid Staffs was not a one off, and there’s the acknowledgment is there is still alot pf work to be done . I know there are many cynics amongst NHS staff & fellow campaigners, all i can say to you is from what I saw there is a group of people on that review team that intend to do their very best with the tools that have been given.


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