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Whistleblower calls for support to stop nurses quitting profession – By Nicola Merrifield – Nursing Times

Leading nurse whistleblower Helene Donnelly has urged the profession to support fellow workers to ensure “much-needed” nurses and carers do not leave their posts.

Addressing the Nursing Times Awards last night, Ms Donnelly said nurses should help each other to deal with the “ever-increasing pressure” staff members are experiencing. She said there was a feeling among the profession that nurses were not valued and their goodwill was being exploited.  “Well this must change,” said Ms Donnelly, who whistleblew about the care failings she witnessed at Mid Staffordshire Foundation Trust and gave evidence to the Francis Inquiry. “I’m immensely proud of the nursing profession and the NHS,” she said. “We’ve collectively taken a huge battering in recent times…. If we support, empower and enable each other to deliver the best possible care we can at all levels throughout the profession and wider, we will achieve this change.”  She added: “I know that many of us feel so undervalued and so exhausted by ever-increasing pressure they feel they have no option but to leave the profession.

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Whistleblower calls for support to stop nurses quitting profession




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