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Doubling of NHS trusts which can’t balance books

The future of the NHS is at risk, MPs have warned, as they highlight “deeply alarming” figures showing the number of hospitals being bailed out by Government has doubled in a year. A report by the National Audit Office (NAO) shows that in the last financial year, 31 hospitals have received handouts to the tune of half a billion pounds. The previous year, 16 trusts received financial help, amounting to £263 million. Meanwhile, the gross deficit of NHS trusts has almost tripled in just 12 months, reaching £743m in 2013/14, the figures show, a trend described as “extraordinary”. Last year, 63 trusts ended the year in the red, compared with 25 the previous year

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Click on the link to read the  full report from the National Audit Office




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  1. lkirby6733 says:

    How much of our hard earned money is being paid to ex Senior Police officers within Non Directors Jobs in NHS Trusts.

    we have found 3 in South Yorkshire, why are they there, is it possible, Just to make sure people who have very serious complaints can never get justice?

    ex Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Polie Meredydd Hughes has just been pushed out at Sheffield Childrens NHS Trust

    Ex acting Chief Constable Bob Dyson is on the Barnsley Childrens NHS Trust

    Hillsborough case Ex Senior Police officer Roger Greenwood is on or was the Chairman of Doncaster NHS trust.

    How many more ex senior police can we find?


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