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NHS data is snooped on six times every day: Staff caught looking at records of friends, family and even love rivals

The privacy of patients’ medical records is being breached by snooping NHS staff an average of six times a day. Personal details have been posted on social media or even dumped by the side of the road. In one instance, a manager at a GP surgery went through the files of nearly 2,000 women for his own ‘interests’.  Other staff have been caught looking at the medical records of their friends, family and, in one case, a love rival.

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The report from the campaign group Big Brother Watch shows that between 2011 to 2014, there have been at least 7,255 breaches. This is the equivalent to 6 breaches every day. Examples of the data breaches include:                                             

  • At least 50 instances of data being posted on social media
  • At least 143 instances of data being accessed for “personal reasons”
  • At least 124 instances of cases relating to IT systems
  • At least 103 instances of data loss or theft
  • At least 236 instances of data being shared inappropriately via Email, letter or Fax
  • At least 251 instances of data being inappropriately shared with a third party
  • At least 115 instances of staff accessing their own records.
  • There have been at least 32 resignations during the course of disciplinary proceeding


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