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Over 100 of the UK’s leading Cancer specialists oppose the ‘Saatchi Bill’

A group of over one hundred of the UK’s leading cancer doctors and researchers have written a letter to the Times newspaper opposing the Medical Innovation Bill, the so-called Saatchi Bill, currently going through the House of Lords. In the letter published 13th November 2014 the oncologists speak of their dismay that the bill, proposed as a private member’s bill by Lord Saatchi, “is being promoted as offering hope to patients and their families when it will not make any meaningful difference to progress in treating cancer.” The letter also makes clear that the law around medical negligence does not hinder or prevent innovation. The Medical Innovation Bill (MIB) aims to change the current law of negligence, which the retired PR guru Lord Saatchi claims inhibits innovative practice, despite there being no evidence that this is in fact the case.

Click on the link to read more and to read the letter to The Times Newspaper


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