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Bird Flu Outbreak At Duck Farm In Yorkshire – Diagnosing Bird Flu

A case of avian flu has been confirmed on a duck breeding farm in East Yorkshire, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has said. Defra said there is at least one case of the virus at the farm, which Sky sources understand is in the Nafferton area, but insist the risk to public health is “very low”. Nigel Gibbens, the Chief Veterinary Officer, has told Sky News it’s possible it may not be an isolated incident. “We have to recognise that the first case we find is not necessarily the first case that has occurred, which is why we put restrictions on the zone around the affected farm and look hard around there,” he said. The entire flock at the farm – about 6,000 ducks – will be culled as a result, and a 3km protection zone has been put in place around the infected premises. It means no animal movements will be allowed, except when they are taken away to be slaughtered, to stop the virus spreading. In addition, a 10km surveillance zone is also in place, closely monitoring any spread of the outbreak. In both zones, disinfection of people, vehicles and machinery moving around farms will be increased while the movement of animals, feed and bedding is forbidden except under licence

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Diagnosing Bird Flu

A 10km surveillance zone is in place


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