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NHS ombudsman ‘failing families’

Click on the link to read The 38 page Report – The Patients Association Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman
The ‘Peoples’ Ombudsman – How it Failed us

PHSO – The ‘Peoples’ Ombudsman – How it Failed us Final

The NHS ombudsman – the independent service that investigates patients’ complaints – is “wholly ineffective and failing families”, warns a charity.The Patients Association says it receives weekly calls from people who feel let down by the service. And they all said the experience compounded the grief and hurt they were already feeling through loss of loved ones or due to poor NHS care. The ombudsman said it was improving its service. The Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO) is meant to be the final arbitrator for complaints about the NHS in England.  The Patients Association says it has lost faith in the service and no longer advises callers who ring its national helpline to go to the PHSO. “As one of our recent callers said, ‘You may as well ask a poacher to investigate the missing pheasants,'” says the charity in its report on the topic.

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Patients Association Press Release 18th November 2014

Press Release-Patients Association calls for a transparent Health Ombudsman



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3 Responses

  1. annomiouse says:

    load of shit take the hospitals side all the time cause they paying them on the side even thought they found failings the hospital apparently there did the best stay away they wont do
    nothing always take hospitals side why do the government pay them they might as well break family’s hearts over there findings because they always going to agree with the hospital because there part of the government


  2. […] NHS ombudsman ‘failing families’. […]


  3. lkirby6733 says:

    PHSO are a complete and utter waste of time. Are all their employees who are paid from the public purse, ex NHS workers or ex Police Officers?
    Public get nowhere when they make a complaint even with documented evidence. We have tried for over 10 years for justice and got fobbed off.
    You can only win if you have the finances to do so, or nothing at all and get free solicitors and barristers. I wouldn’t trust them if I had to pay, they all look after their mates, most would I assume be in the same Lodge or neighbouring Lodge.


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