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UK still prescribing old medicines

Despite making savings by curbing the use of branded drugs, the UK health sector is still using old medicines for cancer and other illnesses, rather than more advanced treatments. The research, which was published by the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI), shows that the UK uses branded medicines less per person than many other countries but tends to use older rather than the latest medicines. Despite showing an increase in usage per person for 11 of the 16 therapy classes surveyed from 2008/09, the report shows that the UK remains 9th out of 13 countries with France maintaining its position at the top of the rankings and New Zealand still 13th. In seven of these 11 classes the UK usage per person was below the international average for 2012/13 – this included the latest cancer medicines less than five years old and those for dementia, multiple sclerosis and stroke prevention.

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