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NHS staff are failing patients with dementia: Hundreds are dying on wards rather than at home surrounded by families because they are not seen as having a terminal illness

Dementia patients are being failed at the end of their lives as they are not deemed to have a terminal illness, charities warn. Many are dying on an undignified hospital ward when they wanted to be at home with loved ones. The final stages of the disease have become the ‘forgotten aspects of a silent epidemic’, according to a joint report by the Alzheimer’s Society and Marie Curie.  It says that unlike other illnesses, NHS staff do not sit down with families of dementia patients and draw up an end-of-life care plan. Around 850,000 Britons are known to have dementia, and the number is expected to rise to 2million by 2050 as the population ages.  The Government has promised to make the illness a national priority over concerns that there are no effective treatments and diagnosis rates remain shockingly low. But this report warns that despite efforts made to detect and treat the illness early on, too little attention is being paid to sufferers and their families at the end of their lives.

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