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My little boy tried to cut his wrists but the GP just told him to buck his ideas up

Shocking reading that this is happening… To quote from the Daily Mail, “It’s estimated 290,000 children aged five to 16 suffers from a diagnosable mental health disorder”. This is an invisible disease which can prohibit any child/adult from enjoying life in the way they once knew. We need our health professionals to be trained into spotting the first signs of this silent epidemic. Joanna

“Putting the kitchen knives away and out of reach of our 11-year-old son for fear he would deliberately hurt himself has been, without doubt, our lowest point as parents. But we had no choice. Two months after starting ‘big school’ last year our lovely boy, Jack, our previously care-free fourth child, had made an attempt to cut his arm with a large chopping knife. Jack had skipped off to secondary school full of excitement. But within weeks he had descended into a mental health freefall — consumed with worry about being late to school and struggling with his homework, he became severely withdrawn and paranoid.  He wasn’t sleeping, and his anxiety was making him physically unwell. My husband and I were not remotely prepared for it. Three months after he tried to cut himself — and by now nearly halfway through his school year — Jack was diagnosed with generalised anxiety disorder (GAD), which means you feel anxious about almost everything”

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