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NHS waste’s more painful than cure

Britain is struggling to pay for the NHS yet its inefficiencies cost a fortune each year. Time it was run like a proper business

Why on earth is the NHS paying £3.67 for tablets you can buy at Boots for 23p?

Finding the money to pay for the NHS is a headache for every chancellor. Millions of baby-boomers are discovering their bodies need running repairs. A few of us are at the stage where parts are not just wearing out but seem to have dropped off. Falling birth rates from the 1960s have created a yawning gap between those paying into the NHS and those getting benefits out. Longer life expectancy means this problem can only get worse. The number of over-65s is projected to rise from 2012’s 11million to 18million by 2037. The number of over-85s will more than double from 1.4million then to 3.6million by 2037 when alarmingly I shall be 88. The NHS costs us £113billion a year, or £2,000 for every man, woman and child in the country. Another way of looking at it is that out of every £1,000 we earn more than £100 goes on the NHS. We do get reasonable value for money: the NHS is cheap compared with our European neighbours’ health systems. The problem is finding extra cash to improve it from already too high taxes.

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