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When one complains to NHS bodies such as hospital trusts one is often fobbed off with half answers, non answers, and other tactics to bemuse and bewilder. Complaining to the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman is an even worse experience. Complex complaints that have to be taken in their entirety are broken into bite sized chunks and handled ineffectively. Findings ignore evidence or give undue weight to the NHS’s side. The current Ombudsman talks the talk, but fails to implement it by handling complaints effectively. Please ensure that the NHS together with the ombudsman, supposed to be the final arbiter of complaints, are each held accountable. Of these two the ombudsman must be a high priority to fix. The PHS Ombudsman is broken and must be held to account and improved

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  1. paul196329 says:

    i’m trying but mr hunt not looking just turing a blind eye 5 yr fighting for justice just to get covered up the good news i did get M.P ANDREW LANSLEY THE SACK


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