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Parents’ anguish after daughter’s body is left on mortuary table for 13 days

BEREAVED parents of a teenage girl say hospital blunders have added to their grief.

Georgina Weaver, 19, died at East Surrey Hospital last August after suffering prolonged severe headaches, blurred vision and unsteadiness. But her mum and dad’s grief and anxiety over the cause of their daughter’s death was compounded when they learned she had lain in the hospital mortuary for almost a fortnight. And, it later emerged, the delay meant a satisfactory post-mortem examination could not be carried out, meaning invaluable lessons may have been lost. Miss Weaver was a former pupil at Warlingham School and studying animal care at college. She was admitted to hospital in October and then December 2012, both times with blinding headaches and vomiting, before being admitted a third time last August. Within two days she was put on a life support machine, but died two days later.

 Her mother Angie, of Limpsfield Road, Warlingham, said they then endured a 13-day delay before receiving the death certificate, despite repeated requests to the hospital for it. She added: “While we were in the hospital’s bereavement office about a week after Georgina’s death we learned that she was still in the mortuary, and the post-mortem had not been carried out. Due to her being left for nearly two weeks in the mortuary her brain had gone too soft so they couldn’t get the results they had hoped for.”

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