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The perils of crushing all dissent in the NHS – DAILY MAIL COMMENT – Whistleblowers

In the wake of the Francis report into lethal NHS cover-ups at Mid Staffs – where hundreds of patients died in appalling conditions unnecessarily – the Government promised to protect whistleblowers who expose incompetence and wrongdoing and end the insidious culture of gagging orders. However, the disgraceful treatment of cancer specialist Joseph Meirion Thomas – threatened with the sack for writing articles in this newspaper, and ordered not to make any further comment without the consent of his bosses – gives the lie to this commitment. Mr Thomas did not, as some doctors have alleged, behave ‘outrageously’ or bring the health service into disrepute.

Rather, his observations that health tourism is putting tremendous strain on the NHS and that the preponderance of female doctors could become a problem, because after expensive training they tend to leave to have children, often only returning to part-time posts, are simple common sense. And that the health establishment should go into apoplexy over his comments that GPs are increasingly unavailable to their patients, forcing them to visit chaotic A&E departments instead, speaks volumes about the arrogance and contempt for free expression that characterises the upper echelons of the medical profession. For daring to speak inconvenient truths, Mr Thomas has been demonised by an NHS determined to silence all dissent.

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The treatment of cancer specialist Joseph Meirion Thomas, pictured, is absolutely disgraceful

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