Strength in Numbers dedicated to my late mother Kay

It has taken me a long time to be able to post this photo of my mother – Joanna Slater

With reference to the article I posted today re Pensioner was found dehydrated and desperately groping for food 

It has taken me a long time to be able to post this photo of my mother, but after seeing the article it would have been wrong not to show it, its one of many that I have not shown, and I still feel very hard to do so. Taken November 2007.

(Extract taken from my book) I had just arrived at the hospital after work. My mother was cold and her food was left cold.

Mum’s moaning and crying that she wants to go to the toilet and shouting “Call the police, call the police, get me out of here!” She’s cold and her back is hurting her as she’s so bent over. I ran out in tears shouting for the nurse to help then I ran back into mum’s room. Mum was so distressed, she held on to me saying get me out of here. I put her dressing gown round her before comforting and cuddling her and rubbing her back.

The nurse came into mum’s room and said she needed to hoist mum up with the hammock to get her back onto the bed but could only do that when one becomes available. I said how the hell could she be left like this. I kept on going outside mum’s room to find out when the nurses would be coming in to see to mum. Half an hour later they came in to put mum back on the bed and clean her. 

You can imagine how I reacted to the staff etc.  Did i complain? of course I did, did it help? No

A different photo of my mother as in the top of the page.

Mobile phone photos025

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