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Dublin – Hospital crisis is killing our patients, says A&E boss

Dr Aidan Gleeson is head of the Emergency Department in Dublin’s Beaumont Hospital – which is currently under siege from serious overcrowding. He said that patients left on trolleys suffer increased risk of harm or death. “You have patients with heart attacks who are diagnosed late. Patients with pneumonia and sepsis may not be getting the resuscitation and antibiotics quickly enough because they cannot get the doctor to examine them. These are the realities,” he said. “We have a national crisis in our Emergency Departments for years, where plenty of people are being hurt or dying as a result. Yet it is not receiving the same attention as something like Ebola – even though the chances of anyone dying of it in Ireland are extremely slim.”

Click on the link to read and see video


Sheila Malone (86) was forced to wait in a chair for 16 hours in the Beaumont emergency department last month after presenting with severe chest pains and vomiting.

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