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This idiotic debate on the NHS will get us nowhere says Nigel Burke

Many shocking NHS scandals have seen daylight lately yet nothing has really stuck. The health service enjoys one of those Teflon reputations – just like a non–stick frying pan everything is shiny until you get one big dent then dirt sticks to that and soon you’ve got a revolting crusty pot. That is about to happen to the NHS. Patients, I read, are being ferried to A&E in fire engines. It’s truth–time for the National Health Service.

Britain must finally admit that the mounting list of bad news is a pattern that means something, not just a series of unfortunate events. That will make us sad and angry because we are still proud that with the NHS our great postwar generation abolished the question: “Can we afford the doctor?” We need to grieve, then move on and find a way to organise a health service like other European countries do, without getting stuck on a mad, fundamentalist debate about privatisation.

Click on the link to read more of Nigel Burke’s article


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  1. The nhs cost my 4 yr old autistic son his life last June a simple blood test and treatment could have saved him


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