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NHS crisis: Patient wakes up in hospital CUPBOARD as desperate medics struggle for space

A horrified hospital patient woke up to find he had been moved from his ward to a packed stock cupboard, as desperate medics struggled for space. Dad-of-two Michael Steel, 63, told how he was left in there for three days, surrounded by supplies, while being treated for an inflamed liver. He said he could not sleep as he kept being disturbed and was wheeled in and out while staff tried to reach drugs from a fridge in the 12ft by 10ft room.

Michael said: “One of the doctors came in and said ‘what on earth are you doing in here?’.” He blamed Government cuts for putting staff under pressure and said he hoped leaders would be “shamed” into tackling the NHS crisis engulfing the health service. He added: “It shows how much the NHS is struggling. One nurse told me it was absolute chaos.”

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Ward you believe it? Michael Steel’s stay in a hospital cupboard

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