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NHS patients left shivering in bed for almost a WEEK after hospital heating system breaks down

Patients in a hospital surgical were left shivering in their beds for nearly a week after the heating system broke down. The lack of hot water also meant the showers were unusable – so staff had to boil kettles when anyone needed a wash. And temporary heaters brought in to warm up the ward caused a power cut and had to be removed, reports the Daily Record. Staff on Ward three at the Southern General Hospital in Glasgow had to resort to piling extra blankets on patients.

A woman who was discharged from the hospital on Wednesday said: “I asked the nurse about the heating and she said it was broken and they were waiting on a new part. “That was on my first day there and it wasn’t fixed by the time I left.  “The other patients and I had to stay in bed all day with two or three blankets over us just to keep warm. “I even saw one woman with gloves, a scarf and her housecoat on in bed during the night.

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Chills: Outside Glasgow’s Southern General Hospital, Phil Dye/ Daily Record

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