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Woman pulls out surgical staples HERSELF after growing fed up with waiting times

A DESPERATE transplant patient pulled out her own surgical staples while watching a video tutorial on her iPad – after growing fed up at NHS waiting times

The patient performed her own DIY surgery after her exasperation left her “no other choice”. The woman, who has asked not be named, was told by surgeons she needed her surgical staples removed by last Sunday after a successful pancreas transplant the preceding week.  However, staff at Caversham Practice in Kentish Town, north London, said they were unable to perform the five-minute procedure until next month, the woman claimed. She also said her surgeon had been in contact to specifically ask for her to be granted an appointment. The procedure, which should only be performed by a trained medical professional, was scheduled at her local doctors’ practice for February 4.

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The Caversham Practice in Kentish Town, north London which promised a wait of SIX days

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