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A day in the life of England’s bad care homes

You may not want to think about it – but it could be where you, or members of your family, spend your twilight years. Want to know what it could be like?

The Telegraph is tracking how a day in the life of some of England’s bad care homes could compare to your day. Follow it below in real-time, with updates throughout the day.


8am: Time to get up or eat breakfast? Perhaps not. Relatives at one care home said they often found their loved ones still stuck in bed by late morning. Staff in Summer Lane Nursing Home in Weston Super Mare admitted to inspectors that sometimes they were still helping people get ready for the day at 4.30pm because they were so short-staffed, despite trying their best to reach everyone. The home’s operator Country Court Care said there were some managerial issues with the home at the time of the inspection, which had since been resolved, with new, additional members of staff also recruited and an urgent plan put in place to deal with the issues raised.

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