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NHS complaints investigations inadequate, says review

More than 40% of NHS investigations into patient complaints are not good enough, according to a review by the office of the health service ombudsman.

In a review of 150 cases into allegations of avoidable harm or death, it found failings in the handling of 61 complaints by NHS trusts in England. The review looked at the quality of the investigations and the evidence relied on, as well as statements and records. The government said it was working to create a “more open NHS culture”. Ombudsman Dame Julie Mellor will appear next week before the public administration select committee – which is looking into the issue of NHS complaints and clinical failure.

Her office has been accused of failing patients.

Click on the link to read more 7th Feb

 Also Report from November 2014


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2 Responses

  1. Susanne says:

    Hi, we all know that this country’s establishment is all about making money. Everything has been sold off (including hospital car parks). The NHS is top heavy with managers/directors with meaningless department titles.
    We need to start off by voting for a libertarian and non establishment party next time, and that ain’t non of the popular ones and the two horse race that is the Conservatives and Labour, sadly, all climbing the ranks in order to fill their pockets whilst the country goes to blazes (literally).


  2. paul196329 says:

    the phso & gmcuk have faild in every way and its run by government so mr hunt what do you have to say to that covering up medical records is a crime call the police


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