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Whistleblowing: NHS crushes those who speak out, Sir Robert Francis QC warns – Report out 11th Feb

Francis whistle blowing report due out Wednesday 11th February. Many of our friends Fiona Bell, David Drew, Sharmila Chowdhury and many more will be attending Westminster, they will also be having a meeting with Sir Robert Francis. Good luck to all. Our thoughts are with you, and thank you. Joanna 

The NHS should exploit the idealism of its doctors and nurses – not crush those put patients first, warns Sir Robert Francis, ahead of his landmark report on whistleblowing

Sir Robert Francis QC is poised to publish the results of a landmark inquiry into perhaps the greatest NHS scandal – the failure of the health service to take heed when its own doctors and nurses warn that patient safety is at risk. His review has taken two months longer than expected, after he was deluged with more than 18,000 submissions. Senior doctors and nurses told how their careers were left on the scrapheap, after they tried to alert NHS managers of unsafe practices and cost-cutting risking lives.

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Sir Robert Francis

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