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NHS levy: Patients could pay £10 a month to choose where they’re treated in future

Would you be willing to pay £10.00 a month to the NHS to be able to choose where you want to be treated?

Patients could choose where they want to be treated in future by paying an NHS top-up fee of £10 a month, a report suggests. The radical move would address the postcode lottery which sees hugely varying levels of quality of treatment in different areas of the country, think tank Civitas said. And the £3.5billion a year such a scheme could raise would be ploughed back into NHS services and hospitals, it added. Civitas claimed there was a proven “public appetite” for increased contributions to the NHS.

It cited surveys suggesting 60% of the public would be willing to pay higher income tax, while 54% said taxes should be raised to pay for healthcare. The report’s authors, NHS consultant Dr Christoph Lees and Civitas researcher Edmund Stubbs, said the fees would help plug the £30billion NHS funding gap predicted to exist by 2020.

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