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Calls for compulsory heart screening for young people

Campaigners are lobbying for compulsory heart screening for all 14 to 35-year-olds to help prevent sudden cardiac deaths in the UK. Every week 12 young people die from sudden cardiac death, but there is still no routine system of NHS heart screenings for young people.

Reporter Dianne Oxberry spoke to 22-year-old Chris Smith from Preston who had no idea he had a serious heart condition until he attended a screening event with his mother six years ago.

Click on the link to read more and watch the video


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2 Responses

  1. Linda says:

    This should be a must. My daughter suffered a cardiac arrest a couple of years ago, she was 38 years old. She only survived because he friend, who is a nurse, thought she was acting when she fell to the floor in her bedroom, after attending an early Sunday morning market.

    They decided to have another hours sleep, before taking my granddaughter for breakfast. Her husband had gone downstairs and her friend has been in the bathroom and noticed my daughter fall.

    She called her and realised something was wrong, she called for help and an ambulance and worked on Louise until help arrived, otherwise she would not have survived.

    All the family have now been checked and are grateful for that too.

    My daughter may never have another attacked, but she has been given a defibulator, I can only thank the NHS for everything the did and am truly grateful.



    • Joanna says:

      Thank goodness your daughter came through her frightening ordeal. Thank you Linda for your comment, Regards Joanna


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