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Nuneaton couple share their tragic story to raise awareness

The family are raising money for the Meningitis Research Foundation. Anyone who would like to donate should visit

LOSING a child is devastating for any parent but for Matt and Paula Hall their loss is even more heartbreaking. Today the couple from Crow Hill in Nuneaton will be preparing to say their final goodbyes to their beloved daughter, and told the News about the tragic circumstances which lead to 23-month-old Georgie’s death. Despite dealing with unimaginable grief, they were keen to share their story to help raise awareness and funds to help other families effected by meningitis. Mr Hall, who works for sports brand Adidas, explained that Georgie was a ‘miracle’ baby, after having to undergo IVF treatment and then his wife suffered complications during pregnancy.

“Georgie was a miracle baby in the first place after Paula had a heart problem while she was pregnant,” he explained. “Paula was in intensive care for weeks and we were faced with termination, which makes it even harder.” They cherished their daughter, taking her on a family holiday to Australia in January, and were looking forward to watching her grow – until tragedy struck.

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23-month-old Georgie Hall

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