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Is another NHS scandal brewing?

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Lethal. Shocking. Unacceptable. Dysfunctional. Failures at every level. So said the report into maternity care at Cumbria’s Furness General Hospital.

But as was pointed out repeatedly as the inquiry published its findings on Tuesday, the parallels with Stafford Hospital are chillingly similar. In fact, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt went as far as calling it a “second” Stafford Hospital – albeit it on a smaller scale.

In both cases poor care was covered up by a culture of secrecy and intimidation, priorities seemed to have been distorted by the pursuit of foundation trust status and the wider NHS missed opportunities to deal with the problems at an earlier stage.

In both cases it led to unnecessary suffering – and it was left to patients to expose the truth. So can we be sure this is not happening elsewhere? It’s a question that always gets asked when these reports are published – and the sad truth is that there can be no guarantees.

Dr Bill Kirkup, the chair of the Morecambe Bay Inquiry, named after the trust which ran the hospital, admitted as such. He said “there could be elements” of what he found happening elsewhere when pressed by journalists.

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3 Responses

  1. Interesting report – I am still digesting it..


  2. lkirby6733 says:

    My father was prescribed terminal drugs for a cancer even the Pathology Report proved dad did NOT have, which we had to wait over 10 months for , by a Doncaster GP newly set up On call Doctors Services opened 01/04/04 closed 30/06/04 and set up in a very similar name. I wonder why? We have had so many lies told to us over the years. We his blood children who had built up a very successful family business with dad, cannot gain access to his medical records from Doncaster NHS. We have a claim, yet they refuse to give us, his own family the records, Why? What are they hiding? We found out after dad’s death that everything we had built up with dad in a very successful business which was sold in June 1987 was taken out of his hands without his knowledge and without our knowledge in a Doncaster Court. In our opinion totally fraudulent. His solicitor who was still being paid by dad, did not attend this hearing, allowing this lying woman to take over everything we had worked hard to build up, leaving dad to live off the interest of the sale of the business.

    Can anyone help us get hold of the medical records? PLEASE… Linda Kirby


    • Joanna says:

      Shocking, surely the hospital has a right to hand over your fathers medical records. When my mother died I paid to receive them. I think you should take up that question with your local press, that should get the ball rolling. If you want to view the health records of a deceased person, under the Access to Health Records Act (1990) you can apply in writing to the record holder.
      Under the terms of the Access to Health Records Act (1990), you will only be able to access the deceased’s health records if you are either:a personal representative, an executor
      or someone who has a claim resulting from the death (this could be a relative or another person)


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