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‘Well-loved’ Bexleyheath mother and grand-mother died after ‘huge errors’ were made by staff at Darent Valley Hospital

The article makes me go cold, as my mother also went into hospital for a hip problem and later died.

My thoughts and prayers to the family of Koshalaya Sawhney, Joanna

An elderly woman, who was admitted to hospital with a hip problem, died after “huge errors” were made by staff, an inquest has heard.  “Well loved” mother and grand-mother Koshalaya Sawhney died on January 18 last year at Darent Valley Hospital after suffering a “massive” stroke and falling into a coma. Mrs Sawhney, 85, of Bowness Road, Bexleyheath, had been taken to A and E on January 7 with a locked hip that left her unable to move. Her daughter, Viniti Seabrooke, told North West Kent Coroners’ Court, prior to going to hospital, her mother did not have any major health problems.

Mrs Seabrooke, who is a medical researcher, said: “My mum was extremely proud and self-sufficient.  “She lived on her own and did not have any help with personal care.  “She had some health issues but they were not unmanageable and not life-threatening.”

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