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Doctor struck off register following fatal prescription error

I cannot understand with all the history of this doctor, and the errors that had happened, not alone being suspended from a hospital in 2010, he still was able to get through the system and work! It’s beggars belief  that this has happened, and will it happen again? Joanna


A DOCTOR who mistakenly prescribed a fatal dose of medication to a pensioner has been struck off. Dr Prashen Pillay, pictured below will be permanently removed from the General Medical Council register following a hearing this week. A Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service panel upheld several charges against Dr Pillay which involved incidents in Sussex and other parts of the country between 2010 and 2014. Joan Dixon died of poisoning after Dr Pillay wrote milligrams instead of micrograms on her prescription while she was being treated at St Richard’s Hospital in Chichester.

Mrs Dixon, 77, of High Street, Findon, near Worthing, had mental health problems and was sectioned in 2010. She fell and broke her hip in the Orchard ward of the Harold Kidd Unit in Chichester in September that year. She was treated in Ashling ward of St Richard’s Hospital where she was found to have an irregular heartbeat, a swollen calf and bladder problems. Dr Pillay was supposed to prescribe 250 micrograms of digoxin, a drug which regulates the heart, but wrote milligrams instead.

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Dr Prashen Pillay

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