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The moment Miliband met his match in an ordinary member of the public whose mother suffered agonising hospital death under LABOUR

A woman whose mother died in a hospital under Labour has told Ed Miliband that she find it ‘physically repulsive’ when he claims to lead the party of the NHS.

During a live radio phone-in, the woman challenged the Labour leader over the ‘totally avoidable’ and ‘horrific’ death. The woman, who was identified as Claire from Manchester, said that there was a ‘total denial’ from the party about what went wrong in her mother’s case. She said that her local Labour candidate had put the phone down on her when she rang him to speak about the treatment her mother received. The exchange is one of the first unscripted moments of the election campaign, which has been tightly-controlled and stage-managed with the party leaders meeting very few regular voters. As the Labour leader took part in a half-hour phone in on LBC radio, he was tackled by the woman on the party’s record on the NHS while in power.

She asked him: ‘My mother died in an NHS hospital under Labour’s watch, how can Labour claim to be a party of the NHS?’ Mr Miliband responded: ‘First of all Claire I’m incredibly sorry to hear what happened to your mum and when anything goes wrong in our NHS I think it needs to be properly investigated and properly dealt with. ‘I know that won’t bring your mum back, but I’m incredibly sorry for what happened. ‘I think the NHS is a fantastic institution, I think overall we’ve made progress in our NHS, but obviously that can never excuse any case that goes wrong.’  But the woman added: ‘I think it was systemic, I don’t think it was one or any case. There was inaccuracy, denial, lack of transparency, that’s my personal experience watching her die in agony. ‘That’s irrespective of all the other scandals that have come out, like the Staffs Hospital. ‘I actually find it physically repulsive when I get documentation coming through my front door about Labour being the party of the NHS.

Click on the link to read and listen to part of the radio broadcast on LBC


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