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Frank Foster – Campaign for dignity in death – Please sign petition

Frank Fowler 1920 – 2014. Frank was diagnosed with brain cancer and was deaf and blind and was receiving treatment at Pembury, Tunbridge Wells. In his final days Frank suffered unbearable pain but was left to suffer throughout his painful last moments. His was not a dignified death and one that no ones loved ones should have to endure. Please support the campaign to have Dignity in Death debated in the Houses of Parliament.

Sign the petition and please share this video. Joanne Fowler is the daughter of Frank and is campaigning for Dignity in Death to be heard in Parliament.

The petition can be signed at



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One Response

  1. lkirby6733 says:

    Sorry I cant sign this, it is too dangerous. My father was prescribed terminal drugs for a cancer the Pathology Report proved he did not have, by an on call doctor who had never met my father, nor had access to his medical records.
    Lies were told to this doctor and he prescribed Diamorphine, Haloperidol, Medazalam and finally Hyocine Hydrobromide.
    It took dad about 50 hours to be rendered unconscious, after refusing any medication, stating he was Ok, not in any pain and would be fine. He was mobile and able to get about unaided before the terminal drugs were forced into him by nurses.
    A doctor did not see my father for over 48 hours.
    On the day dad died 6 days after the killing began, we were informed by 2 doctors who were present that our father was dying of Terminal Oesophageal cancer. The Pathology Report proves this was not the case. Even the Consultant stated he had reported my father’s endoscopy results, on 15th March 2004 stating “There was NO evidence of malignancy ie cancer and NO dysplasia which are pre cancerous cells”.
    But who was “The Patient” noted in the GP records who telephoned the GP on15th March 2004 stating dad did have oesophageal cancer, which was a complete and provable lie.

    I would never trust the system again, we cannot get a full investigation into this killing, why? Who are they covering up for?

    I understand why it is illegal to end someones life. There are too many mistakes made and too many ready to state “they know best”.



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