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Cancer sufferer feels ‘fantastic’ after revolutionary new treatment

Pam Smith says she feels “fantastic” after revolutionary new cancer treatment Immunotherapy shrunk her tumour

A new type of cancer treatment is being hailed as a breakthrough in fighting the deadly disease. Immunotherapy, which uses the body’s own immune system to destroy deadly tumours, has been lauded as one of the biggest breakthroughs in the treatment of cancer for decades.

One patient who has tried the breakthrough drug, Pam smith, says she feels “fantastic” after her treatment. “The drugs have shrunk the tumor: they’ve shrunk it from 9mm to 4mm. “I feel fantastic […] every time I go to the hospital now they’re giving me good news with the scans.” She added that it’s “so sad” for people who can’t get access to the drug. “One of these drugs that I was on was worth £22,000 a time so you know very, very expensive but well worth it in the long run”.

Click on the link to watch the Telegraph interview with Pam Smith

How much patients benefit from the new immuno-therapy treatment announced today in the fight against cancer will depend on which drugs suit them best, according to a leading expert. Speaking to ITV News, Dr Alan Worsley of Cancer Research UK said that patients might respond best to one type of drug or a combination of therapies.


X-rays showing a patient’s tumor, circled, before, leftm and after immunotherapy

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