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NHS ‘Must Deliver’ On Patient Care And Waste

 The Health Secretary warns the NHS it must focus on efficiencies as he promises a crackdown on “rip-off” agency fees.

NHS bosses have been urged by Jeremy Hunt to focus on finding efficiencies and patient care rather than complain about a lack of funds. The Health Secretary hit out at the NHS saying the Government has provided the extra funding requested by its chief executive and now wants the health service to “deliver its side of the bargain” by eliminating waste.

“Simon Stevens (NHS England Chief Executive) said the NHS needed an extra £8bn by 2020 and the Government has invested that. “Now the NHS must deliver its side of the bargain for patients by eliminating waste, helped by the controls on spending we’re putting in place,” said Mr Hunt, who also promised a crackdown on “rip off” staffing agency fees. “Expensive staffing agencies are quite simply ripping off the NHS.

“It’s outrageous that taxpayers are being taken for a ride by companies charging up to £3,500 a shift for a doctor.

Click on the link to read and watch the report


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