Strength in Numbers dedicated to my late mother Kay

Here is a clever medical parody on the topic of “Sepsis” aimed at spreading Sepsis awareness and promoting best practice.

From Karen Armstrong. I lost my mum to sepsis over 3yrs ago and I thought this was a great way of getting it out there.

Not many people know of sepsis. I thought maybe with this song people would remember what to look for. We’ve been through hell because of this disease so if this can save another family going through what we’ve gone through great raising awareness some people still don’t know what sepsis is and Drs nurses aren’t diagnosing sepsis.

Patients aren’t getting access to treatment sepsis six that saves lives. Staff failing to measure urine outputs in many cases, not having lactate levels tested. Testing the level of lactate its a chemical produced when cells are starved of oxygen and IV fluids to protect organs and raise dangerous low blood pressure. Antibiotics should be administered to clear any underlying infection.

Please watch this very unique video as more people need to be aware of sepsis



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