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The Case for Patient Safety: Financially, Professionally and Ethically By Andy Cowper for HSJ

Read the full report from HSJ, in association with Allocate Software, on why patient safety should be the core business of healthcare

Why do we need another report?

Financially, ethically and professionally, patient safety should be the core business of healthcare. Yet despite big improvements reducing healthcare-associated infections and venous thromboembolism, why does patient safety still feel like something we are yet to crack? Where are the main areas to focus? And what are the first steps to improve?

“It is curious that people should think a report self-executive, should not see that, when the report is finished, the work begins” Florence Nightingale, letter to Mary Elizabeth Herbert (1863)

Click on the link to download the full report   

Patient Safety Case full report



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2 Responses

  1. paul196329 says:

    i have to say in my job was carpet fitter you measure 2 and cut 1 then you never get it wrong


  2. paul196329 says:

    its all good on paper but i think i will BREAK THE LAW just to get this in court with GOVERMENT run phso gmcuk cqc y have they all made a big mess in covering up my case so it look like i may be getting locked up this is barbaric what is going on and yes the is 1 word missing in all this VICTIMS that what we r victims of crime by the N.H.S that like to hide away its VICTIMS


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