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‘How Do Thank Somebody For A Kidney?’

Figures show the number of organ donors has fallen for the first time in 11 years – despite more than 5,000 people being on the NHS waiting list for a transplant.

In the last year there were 4,655 transplants in the UK – a 5% decrease on the year before. That means 224 fewer people received a transplant. With the drop in the number of organ donors, health experts are calling for a change in attitude and are urging families to discuss the issue so they know their relatives’ wishes.

It is rare for an organ donor and the recipient to meet, but when Terry Clarke, 69, received a kidney from Bob Wiggins two years ago he had to say thank you in person. Terry, who is now able to spend more time with his family, believes it can be so different for others.

“I think it’s unique. You don’t expect someone to give you a kidney, even someone from your own family. I wouldn’t ask them to give a kidney. You just wait and hope, accept life as it is and suddenly someone comes along and gives you a kidney,e told Sky News. “Suddenly someone comes along and gives you a kidney. I’ve met him, he’s not a bad fella is he? He’s change my life enormously. How do thank somebody who gives you a kidney?”

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