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Gagged, smeared, sued and threatened by the NHS – a media whistleblower tells his story

A former hospital executive who blew the whistle to the BBC over concerns about patient safety has revealed that he remains blacklisted by the NHS two years on.

Gary Walker broke a gagging order in order to raise concerns about Lincolnshire NHS Trust in 2013. Speaking at this week’s British Journalism Awards he revealed how he was punished by the NHS for speaking out. He revealed that he agreed to break a gagging order imposed as part of his exit agreement when he was sacked from his NHS job in 2010 after “unrelenting persistent persuasion” by Andrew Hosken of the BBC.

He said: “It was February and I’d just watched the prime minster in the House of Commons announce the results of Sir Robert Francis’ review into what went wrong at Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust. “That review, which took two years and cost more than £19m of taxpayers’ money, didn’t find a single person accountable for the premature deaths of hundreds perhaps thousands of people. “From my time in the NHS, I knew it was custom and practice for those in senior roles to hide their wrongdoing or incompetence by gagging those who attempted to speak out.

“I myself was an example of someone gagged for putting patient safety ahead of targets. Indeed the gag was so draconian I wasn’t even allowed to mention it existed.”

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Gary Walker

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  1. Joanna says:

    I would contact them again Colette with your comments and a link to the news article, keep on and don’t stop


  2. Colette Dear says:

    My complaint is with West Middlesex hospital.
    On the 20th of January 2014 my mother aged 86 was in hospital suffering from pneumonia, this is when she sustained a black eye whilst being hoisted onto a air mattress.
    From the first second I noticed the bruise I started taking photos of it as a record of its progression.
    I involved the police straight away, I didn’t let stop there it was then months of meetings and a internal inquiry took place within the hospital, I’m afraid there was no satisfactory outcome.
    I then contacted the NHS OMBUDSMEN hoping they would help me to get some kind of justice for my poor mum, how very wrong I was. Even after giving them written proof stating she acquired the bruise in hospital and photos then end findings were it was just a Unfortunate Accident, a accident that was never reported or put on record somewhere explaining when and where it occurred.
    what am I supposed to think.

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